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RoundUp: 8th International Innovation Lab Conference

On Thursday 10th October around 80 attendees gathered in Espoo to hear about the latest research findings and challenges in the management of discontinous and radical innovations. The Luolamies venue in the Dipoli congress centre in Otaniemi was full of researchers, managers, policy makers and students discussing how to create new sources of growth by innovating radically. On the evening before, participants from all around the world assembled in Aalto Design Factory for a pre-conference Get together event. The event started with a guided tour of the Design Factory building and continued with refreshments, sushi and lots of interesting discussions. The programme on the conference day comprised a wide range of presentations with different backgrounds. The morning started with prof. Peter Augsdörfer introducing the International Innovation Lab network to the audience and presenting a straight-out-of-press copy of a new book Discontinuous Innovation: Learning to Manage the Unexpected - a product of the network's research collaboration. The programme continued with prof. Poul Hansen discussing the Operational view of Innovation. In his presentation, the audience got to know the 4P model and found out what happened to Lego in the games industry. After Poul's presentation, prof. John Bessant who was unable to attend the conference contacted us via Skype and pointed out some key challenges in the innovation frontier. The middle part of the conference concentrated on radical innovation management in practice. Research Director Arto Ranta-Eskola from Rautaruukki Oyj gave a speech on how to manage radical innovation projects as part of a larger R&D portfoclio. Vice President Juuso Konttinen continued with his presentation of UPM-Kymmene's strategy and practices to develop new business in the forest industry. The next presenter Kristian Luoma from OP-Pohjola walked us through how a finance service provider was able to develop a radically novel mobile wallet innovation. The afternoon programme was launched by Petri Lehto from the Innovation Policy division of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Petri provided the audience a rare peek at how the challenge of radical innovation is viewed at the policy level. Next, IMI researchers Tea Lempiälä and Outi Vanharanta presented results of their research on the Paradoxes in Innovation Management. They argued that in innovation management there is always a need to balance between the simultaneous requirements of ambiguity and clarity. The following speaker was Thomas Zwack who intrigued the audience with a revolutionary concept and premilinary market results on introducing P2P business models in the insurance industry. After an interesting discussion and a coffee break, prof. Jaime Bonilla presented a new way of thinking academic programmes. He introduced Innovation GYM - a pioneering multidisciplinary academic programme from Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico with very novel environments and practices. The final presentation of the day was by IMI's research director Pekka Berg. Pekka put together what had been learned during the day, presented the main results of IMI's research on radical innovation management and challenged the audience to think: what is beyond radical innovation?
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