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Future of Work: Invitation by Lynda Gratton to join Research Consortium

Today, we would like to bring the following invitation from the Hot Spots Movement, led by Professor Lynda Gratton, to your attention. Our great colleague and CLIC Senior Fellow, Lynda Gratton, Professor at London Business School, invites companies to join the Future of Work Research Consortium (FoW).

Innovation Lab Co-Chair Peter Augsdoerfer: FT Professor of the Week

Congratulations to our great colleague and Innovation Lab co-chair Peter Augsdoerfer.

He has been selected "Professor of the Week" by Financial Times. How cool is this! For details follow this link.

Executive briefing on "Opening up healthcare innovation"

The UK-based Advanced Institute of Management Research has published one piece of our recent research. It deals with healthcare systems in the early 21st century. Rising demand and expectations are increasingly out of step with the funding models available. One key direction in which healthcare innovation can open up lies in harnessing the innovation potential of patients and their carers.

7th International Innovation Lab Conference

The Innovation Lab Team is delighted to be able to publish a ‘nearly final’ agenda for our 7th International Innovation Lab conference, taking place 21st of March at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Lange Gasse 20, 90403 Nuremberg; and again a humongous thank you to all of our members who will give a presentation, it´s going to be a really fascinating conference!

Call for partners for open innovation competition for new models of public services

We developed a concept called “Transformed by You” to involve people to come up with ideas and work with students and entrepreneurs to help turn them into prototypes.

This time, we’re planning a competition running from September to invite people to come up with ideas on how to make their area a better place to live, work & play using technology!

1. Motion Bank Workshop No. 2


Innovation is about opening your mind, it is about exposing yourself to different contexts and experiences. This event is sure to do that! It will take place at the Frankfurter Lab in Germany - you may be relieved to hear that it will be held in English.

On the website it says:

AIM Research´s Innovation Fitness Test


Identifying your clients’ Fitness for Innovation

Innovation is critical for the success of a company and even more so as the economy emerges out of recession and companies start to prioritise growth. Professor John Bessant has created a powerful diagnostic tool, the Innovation Fitness Test (IFT).

From Recipe to dinner: Managing a business model portfolio

From the Grenoble Ecole de Management:

Considering the different business models of four European biotechnology companies, we explore the their business model portfolios, defined as the range of different ways they deliver value to their customers to ensure both their medium term viability and future development. A firm's portfolio can help balance the levels of promise and interdependency with other firms of its different business models, and help it articulate and finance its activities in the medium run to ensure idiosyncrasy to protect its future health.

Economist Innovation challenge on the Healthcare Information Society!

In the Economist Innovation challenge on the Healthcare Information Society!  the Economist has teamed up with InnoCentive, initing solvers to provide thoughtful and valuable white papers on new business models that will enable a future healthcare information economy in which our private health data could benefit healthcare research, lower costs and ultimately improve patient care.
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