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Global Service Jam


Global Service Jam
March 2011 // Just 48 hours to design a new SERVICE


Just 48 hours...
On 11 March, 2011, people interested in service and customer experience will meet all over the globe. In a spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme.
Find out what happens at the Service Jam.

Are you ready for a challenge? Want to develop and implement creative ideas? Chase a crazy deadline at the same time? Meet cool new people? Design a service or customer experience that may become a real business? Get rich and famous? Have a great time?
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Host locally
Want to promote service design in your region or country? Extend your network globally? Pick up new ideas and work practices? Meet cool people? Enjoy great freedom to organise and shape your local jam? Don't want to get rich, but famous? Want to have a great time?
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