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Design Summit: Leading Business by DesignWednesday

The Design Summit is one of the leading UK design events, each year attracting VIP delegates from business, government and design sectors. Usually policy focused, this year the Design Council is opening the Design Summit to all businesses that want to grow and learn directly from leaders of pioneering companies about how design is the secret to their success. This year’s one-day conference, Leading Business by Design, is taking place at The British Museum on Wednesday 12th February, 2014. The event is based on a research study conducted with Warwick Business School to understand if businesses who embed design throughout their organisation produce better business results. The emerging findings show that successful businesses are not just investing in design to add value to their products and services, but are also using design techniques to improve their processes, their culture and their working environment. This year’s Design Summit will show businesses how they can harness the power of design to make them stand out in the marketplace. Key areas of focus look at how design can be used to: • improve products and services • create environments for success • build high performing teams • get ahead in the rapidly developing technology landscape Leveraging design to address these key issues brings a different perspective to these ageold challenges. Together with the insights from the research report, the Design Council have great speakers from Waitrose, Barclays, Rolls Royce and BERG, to really bring the topic to life and demonstrate how using design has helped them succeed. For more information visit the Design Council’s website: