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CrowdConf 2010

2010/10/04 00:00

The World's First Conference
on the Future of Distributed Work


The Event

We bring together researchers, CEOs, technologists, outsourcing experts, legal scholars, and artists to discuss the rapidly democratizing and flattening of the global labor market.

The event includes a series of peer-reviewed presentation tracks, posters, technology demonstrations as well as invited keynote addresses from leaders in crowdsourcing.

The Future of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the act of engaging distributed groups of people to complete microtasks or generate information. It represents an expanding sphere of innovation, organization, data collection, and creativity.

Crowdsourcing raises complex questions about the future of work; the technical and organizational infrastructure used to complete large-scale tasks; and the relationships between computers, people, and the networks that connect us.


  • Past, present, and future of crowdsourcing
  • Quality assurance and metrics
  • Social and economic implications of crowdsourcing
  • Task design/Worker incentives
  • Innovative projects, experiments, and applications