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1. Motion Bank Workshop No. 2


Innovation is about opening your mind, it is about exposing yourself to different contexts and experiences. This event is sure to do that! It will take place at the Frankfurter Lab in Germany - you may be relieved to hear that it will be held in English.

On the website it says:
"This second workshop in the series offers practitioners an opportunity to engage in Motion Bank related research into the use of scores and notation in an interdisciplinary context of dance and architecture. Approached as a laboratory, this workshop will be lead by independent choreographer and former Ballet Frankfurt performer Prue Lang and urban planner Michael Steinbusch. This is their second collaborative project integrating the practices of choreography and architecture.
The aim of the four-day laboratory will be to challenge the organisational practices of choreography and architecture through a contrast with the practices of business, particularly of business modelling, to see how one can move into new ways of thinking. This will involve a critical reflection on how scores and notations support embodied, spatial and analytical thinking, and help produce the cooperative outcomes that form and influence social interactions. Developing a better understanding of the usual ways in which all these practices depict and symbolize reality, and how decisions are made, will promote the discovery of new ways in which joint action and thinking can produce creative structures and outcomes.
This workshop/ laboratory is designed for a mixed participation and performing arts, architecture, media design and business students and professionals are all encouraged to apply. The workshop will be conducted in English."