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The Innovation Contest Inventory (ICI)

The innovation contest inventory is the central database for practitioners and researchers interested in innovation contests and their derivates.

Providing high quality information on the design of innovation contest and their derivates as foundation:

  • for companies:
    - to explore the possibilities of innovation contests
    - to conceptualize and build their own innovation contests
  • for academic institution:
    - as case examples resource for teaching
    - as data pool for innovation contest related qualitative and quantitative research
  • for us:
    - to demonstrate our competency in the field of innovation contests and its derivates
    - to conduct relevant and rigorous research in the field of innovation contests and its derivates.

Value Proposition

Broadness and depth of the innovation contest inventory - concerning the available information on innovation contests and their derivates - leads to its unique value and differentiates it from similar databases. With more than 300 case studies and up to 120 data points per entry, the innovation contest inventory provides the most comprehensive source for individuals and institutions to explore the design of all kinds of innovation contests. Past and actual studies on innovation contests and their derivates complement the case examples and thus make the innovation contest inventory a powerful tool for researchers and practitioners alike.