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Call for partners for open innovation competition for new models of public services

We developed a concept called “Transformed by You” to involve people to come up with ideas and work with students and entrepreneurs to help turn them into prototypes.

This time, we’re planning a competition running from September to invite people to come up with ideas on how to make their area a better place to live, work & play using technology!

When we launch, there will be the opportunity for people to come up with ideas online and develop them at a workshop. We will work with innovators to develop ways to turn their ideas into prototypes and get them together over an innovation camp.. We’ll then invite people back to test the prototypes to make sure they work for them.

Having been impressed by the work on open innovation by the organisations we’ve discovered through the ILF, we’d love to explore options for you partnering or working with us on this competition, which could open you up to finding out how you could engage civil society and local communities as new customer groups in developing your innovations. You can see more on these transitions to new models here

Have a look here to see the different options to partner, but we’re sure there are other ways you could work with us we haven’t thought of, so do get in touch with Noel Hatch at