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What's in it for you as a participating firm?

Participating organisations benefit from an opportunity to share ideas and insights as well as to network with organisations from other industries around a shared concern. The group provides a safe and confidential environment to reflect, to share concerns and experiences, to develop new ideas and tools, and to explore new approaches around how to address innovation management. By bringing together the experience of initially 50 plus organizations from different sectors and countries, a framework for benchmarking and learning can be developed.

What do we need from you as a participating firm?

To help us identify and understand best practice for dealing with innovation management, we need your time and commitment. We are looking for active involvement with the workshops and help with conducting case study interviews. And we would like your honest views, opinions and experiences so that we can make this an effective learning network!

Are you interested?

Does this project sound interesting for you and would you like to become a part of the network? Contact us - send an email to the following email address:

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