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4th Innovation Best Practice Report released

Innovation – the path of embracing change to create value;
4th Innovation Best Practice & Future Challenges Report

This report draws together and reflects on insights from 45 interviews with senior innovation leaders from around the globe. In a world where innovation is needed more than ever – and where misunderstanding and confusions as to what ‘to be an innovative organisation’ actually means and looks like still remains – this report offers guidance, insights and direction. Whether you feel your organisation is at the leading edge, or at the outset of its journey to becoming more innovative, the report, including self-check questions, will provide you with insights and starting points from which to proceed. It also alerts you to the next things to come – so no more excuses to be unprepared for the future. Would you like to take part next time? Contact us: The proceeds of this report help fund the 5th Round of research planned for 2013.

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