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Identifying, managing and selection of innovation opportunities, British Quality Foundation Seminar, London

In this one-day seminar, number two in the 3-part Innovation Seminar Series, participants will share approaches to find ideas that go beyond the incremental, ways to substantiate ideas, moving from idea to concept, leading practice around idea management systems, approaches that give more radical ideas a chance. The seminar, which runs 9.30-16.15 will take place at the MWB Business Exchange, 10 Greycoat Place, London, SW1P 1SB.
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15th ISPIM Conference “Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society”, Dublin

The XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland on 8-11 June 2014 and will focus on – Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society. Organised by ISPIM in partnership with Intel Labs Europe, this conference will bring together around 500 innovation experts from 50 countries and include:
- Multi-track sessions that mix industry, academia, science, & government,
- Dedicated sessions and communities on innovation challenges for research, business & government,
- Showcases on innovation success in Ireland with presentations, workshops & site visits,
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WorkTech Madrid

As part of their vision to bring events on The Future of Work and the Workplace to different cities around the globe, WorkTech is bringing together over 150 prominent thought leaders from some of the World’s leading organisations at Microsoft’s new HQ in Madrid. The mission is to "change the way we work" and to encourage innovation at work. Speakers will include authors, innovators, and business leaders from the world of corporate real estate, architecture, design, management, HR and technology. To find out more click here.
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PI Conference, Genk, Belgium

Arguing that today’s challenges need new solutions, and that these new solutions will require different ways of collaboration and education, this PI (Participatory Innovation) conference, will bring together a wide range of stakeholders from large and small companies, to educators and government representatives, from a variety of national backgrounds. Workshops and presentations will share insights, frameworks and case studies that help address the challenges of today and tomorrow. For more information click here.
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RE.WORK Workshop on The Future of Education

The event of RE.WORK looks at how emerging technology will impact education. In this one day workshop, which is part of London Tech Week, education practitioners, technologists, innovators and strategists will come together to discuss, explore and collaborate to discover how advancing technology will impact education. The event will take place at Makerversity, Somerset House, London and topics covered include: wearable technology, augmented reality, gamification, the maker movement, cross-industry collaboration and rapidly advancing technology.
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RE.WORK Technology Summit Berlin

Described by the organisers as "A unique opportunity to interact with leading scientists, entrepreneurs, influential business & exciting startups in the very same place. What happens when you put leading thinkers, makers & doers in the same room? Meet fellow innovators with the same passion to change the world. The two day summit will showcase the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies and their impact on business & society. Trying to predict what's on the horizon? Too late. The future is already here.
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Our new book is out there! Discontinuous Innovation: Learning to Manage the Unexpected

This book is based on the findings, issues and questions related to an ongoing decade-old research project named The Discontinuous Innovation Lab (DI-Lab). The research project focuses on discontinuous innovation in more than thirteen countries, most of which are European, and provides useful insights into its different challenges. It also raises several questions related to the subject, some of which are: How do firms pick up weak signals on emerging - and possibly radically different - innovation? What should firms do when these weak signals hit their mainstream process?
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Design Summit: Leading Business by DesignWednesday

The Design Summit is one of the leading UK design events, each year attracting VIP delegates from business, government and design sectors. Usually policy focused, this year the Design Council is opening the Design Summit to all businesses that want to grow and learn directly from leaders of pioneering companies about how design is the secret to their success. This year’s one-day conference, Leading Business by Design, is taking place at The British Museum on Wednesday 12th February, 2014.

Front End of Innovation EMEA - Ingenuity: The New Innovation Currency

FEI EMEA brings together 250 of Europe’s most exceptional innovators, together you will immerse yourselves in shared experiences- culture safaris, experiential adventures, collaborative workshops, innovation field tips, and executive business cases. FEI is a global event brand that has become the annual meeting place of the most seasoned innovators across the globe. Can’t miss featured keynotes include IBM’S former CTO, HP’s VP of Sustainability and Social Innovation, the Legendary Designer of the BMW MINI, Samsung’s Head of Innovation, and Google’s User Experience leader.

Changemaking - How to drive significant change

2013/12/03 16:30
Radical social change and impactful solutions don’t come from thinking small and replicating old solutions. As communities change in response to external pressures, problems intensify and complexity increases. We need to have the ambition to want to make significant change. This means looking at problems through a different lens and embracing new approaches. At this exclusive event, we will discuss how the development of big ideas into solutions that are making a difference, can be achieved in areas ranging from healthcare to crime reduction.
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