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Our new book is out there! Discontinuous Innovation: Learning to Manage the Unexpected

This book is based on the findings, issues and questions related to an ongoing decade-old research project named The Discontinuous Innovation Lab (DI-Lab). The research project focuses on discontinuous innovation in more than thirteen countries, most of which are European, and provides useful insights into its different challenges. It also raises several questions related to the subject, some of which are: How do firms pick up weak signals on emerging - and possibly radically different - innovation? What should firms do when these weak signals hit their mainstream process?
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Design Summit: Leading Business by DesignWednesday

The Design Summit is one of the leading UK design events, each year attracting VIP delegates from business, government and design sectors. Usually policy focused, this year the Design Council is opening the Design Summit to all businesses that want to grow and learn directly from leaders of pioneering companies about how design is the secret to their success. This year’s one-day conference, Leading Business by Design, is taking place at The British Museum on Wednesday 12th February, 2014.

Front End of Innovation EMEA - Ingenuity: The New Innovation Currency

FEI EMEA brings together 250 of Europe’s most exceptional innovators, together you will immerse yourselves in shared experiences- culture safaris, experiential adventures, collaborative workshops, innovation field tips, and executive business cases. FEI is a global event brand that has become the annual meeting place of the most seasoned innovators across the globe. Can’t miss featured keynotes include IBM’S former CTO, HP’s VP of Sustainability and Social Innovation, the Legendary Designer of the BMW MINI, Samsung’s Head of Innovation, and Google’s User Experience leader.

Changemaking - How to drive significant change

2013/12/03 16:30
Radical social change and impactful solutions don’t come from thinking small and replicating old solutions. As communities change in response to external pressures, problems intensify and complexity increases. We need to have the ambition to want to make significant change. This means looking at problems through a different lens and embracing new approaches. At this exclusive event, we will discuss how the development of big ideas into solutions that are making a difference, can be achieved in areas ranging from healthcare to crime reduction.

RoundUp: 8th International Innovation Lab Conference

On Thursday 10th October around 80 attendees gathered in Espoo to hear about the latest research findings and challenges in the management of discontinous and radical innovations. The Luolamies venue in the Dipoli congress centre in Otaniemi was full of researchers, managers, policy makers and students discussing how to create new sources of growth by innovating radically. On the evening before, participants from all around the world assembled in Aalto Design Factory for a pre-conference Get together event.

Invitation: "Working with Stakeholder Dialogues"

Find sustainable solutions by working together. The course “Working with Stakeholder Dialogues” will help you to engage in constructive dialogues with different stakeholders from various sectors to get sustainable results, as well as to master your skills in building long-term relationships. Differences will be turned into possibilities by using potential collaboration effectively.

Invitation to the 8th International Innovation Lab Conference

2013/10/10 09:00
Dear Innovation Lab Participant It’s our great pleasure to invite you to the 8th International Innovation Lab Conference which will be organized by the Aalto University, Finland and will take place on 10th Oct 2013 at the Dipoli, Otakaari 24, Espoo, Finland. Please save the date! Booking: There will be a small conference fee, (50€) which will cover all food, drinks, and conference materials.

Join the GeoVation Challenge

Dear All, the state of our planet, triple bottom line (profit AND planet and people) are moving up in people's awareness - but what to do about it? To find ways to help British business improve their environmental performance is the aim of the latest GeoVation challenge, an ideas competition organised by Ordnance Survey (whom we are proud to have as a member of the Innovation Leadership Forum). See for more information. Two requests: 1. Could you spread the new about this initiative - or even better, submit some ideas! 2.

Invitation SusInLab

2013/03/21 09:30
2013/03/21 16:30
Sustainability is moving onto the agenda, in organisations in general and for innovation in particular. What does this means for capabilities, processes, structures, goals and targets, and relationships at the organisational level? These are questions to explore and discuss during out second Sustainable Innovation Lab 21st March in London! Below our preliminary agenda - now all we need is YOU to join the dialog, share your insights and ask questions!

Open Innovation in Creative Industries

Dear Innovation Community,
Herewith you are cordially invited to the forthcoming 1st Open Innovation Conference in Leipzig:
28th to 30th November 2012
in Leipzig, Germany.

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